Thursday, July 1, 2010

i learnt something and i got something

Hello guys!!!...

i just got something from my boss!!! O.M.G.... sooooo happy...and what was that????...

hehehe... just having some pic here to share... the ugly2 girl.. hoho...

for the last 10 weeks i've been here for industrial training as biotechnologist trainee, i learnt a lot of things, i got the revenue! hoho... so happy..but the best things when i was in Green & Smart Sdn Bhd are learnt and experienced a lot of new things dude!.now, i can speak confidently (although not 100%), improve my english (everyday need to speak in english), and i have a chance to travel around.... huuhuhuhuh...

the ugly2 girl is already twisted.

this is what i want to share
sorry for my broken english


Lynn Nasir said...

salam meeya,

good for you! when i was a trainee back then, i got only rm500/month ( i was there for 3 months). can u treat me nasi kandar? hehe!

so, after the training, where will u be?

meeya said...

hehehe... nasi kandar? hoho.. okep... t meeya belanje tgk pic nasik kandar!..
huhuhuhu... meeya sambung belajo balik. 1 more year!. hohohohohoh.


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