Monday, December 9, 2013


assalamualaikum n helloo...

dear all my good friends! dear bloggers! currently i'm jobless. got what i meant? jobless. resign proudly from chemist in J.B and jobless. why?? ''aku yang dulu memang bukan yang sekarang". status changed! i'm a wife.. yes.. a wife to somebody. 'I've got a guard! A man! yeah, i'm a housewife.. blufffffiiingggg!!

October 19th, at noon, everything has changed. no more single status. after a long time relationship "couple?" hihihihihihihi.... tied with the wedding knot. everything changed!!! the most unforgettable moment. (closing my eyes, and remembering all the thing.. it just unforgettable. My man had me in his life and i had him in my life.

happy with my life. live under one roof with parents in law, everything just nice. before this i've got 1 kakak and 2 brothers and also 1 adik, and 4 anak2 saudara. now, i owned 2 new kakak, 2 new brothers but no adikla in here. (my man is the youngest one la. and me as cik su here.. he he he). got 10 new anak saudara also. and In Shaaa Allah, this family adding one more member. :) Aminnnnnnn pray for me.

aiyyooo already sleepy meh.. going to stop now. ergghhhhh just sleepy... bye2.. sharing the picture next time xoxo. love.. mata perang

P/s : marilah kita doakan semuanya selamat... buat mangsa2 banjir, bertabahlah, Allah menguji kita untuk kita mengingatiNYA.. doakan untuk mereka. semoga semuanya selamat aminnnn


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