Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wanna Be A Good Person

ok2. i just wanna be a good person..
To our Allah, my parent, friends and human being..
this entry does not meant i'm a +++++++bad person..
only peoples can judge me so.
then, what i want to say here,
if i'm worst before, i will do some changes..
if i'm already good, i will also keep to move on...
yeah, i know that my friends can't stand up to my characteristic of"garang
so, i tried to overcome my attitude.
actually, so many people said i'm garang.
i dont know why, and i wanna say that, i didnt mean to garang.
because it is spontaneosly come out.
but i never feel the anger...
might be my voice projection i higher than normal, so that my friends said me garang...
ok never mind. i tried to change and plzzzzz be patient with me..
sometimes, i can't undertake people's joke, so that my face become different or unsatisfied.
but, i'm do not want being a hypocrite person.
so, i will change because of my will... not others.
i try but not so drastically..
i want a changes before the next world.
i want a changes when the life is on.
i want be a good person when i die....

p/s : sorry for my broken english.. i try to improve. so plzzz help me in my english...



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