Monday, December 3, 2012

My path, my life

Assalamualaikum wbt and hi to all bloggers!

sekian lama aku tak bukak dan tulis ape-ape huruf kat sini. busy? boleh di katakan begitu. malas? boleh dikatakan begitu juga. apa-apa pun, hidup perlu diteruskan. (tiba-tiba je mak jemah oiiii). ok, siapa-siapa yang kenal aku, mungkin tahu apa aku buat sekarang.. 

yes! pursuing in the next level of education. naaaahhhhhhhh, nothing great with it. i'm still a person with a shortage of knowledge. (shortage??? it it true use this word? do correct me if i'm wrong). when i do say "i'm continuing my study" then their expression is just like, "you're brilliant" "wow, great" "hebat giler la kau" and sometimes "alah, perempuan belajar tinggi-tinggi duk celah dapur jugak!" "kenapa tak kerja dulu?" "yela, orang pandai kan...". dear peoples! i just following the path that ALLAh gives me. so, thank for your support and also thanks for the "kutukan". might be jealousy? i hope not. it is not about intelligent or not, it is about passion. there is no obstruction in gaining knowledge. merely, u need a strong heart to face off. 

i have been go through a tough life path. i cried so many times. i feel sad so many times. frustrated, discourage. such a tough experience that i'm going through. just forget it the past. maybe i'll write later. everything in one post = boring.... yeah... 

 currently focusing on my first paper 
(mak jemah ni memang poyo)

 part of my study but mine is nanocomposite not film.

it is just like "gempak" "boombastik ahak ahak". actually is just a simple research on material with some modification in order to bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. i'm not in viva session of conference. so then, no need to explain in details. hahahaha.. ok, i need to stop now. duk cakap-cakap kat sini tak habis-habis, bila masa nak buat papernya.. membebel tak kena masa.!

p/s: oh my english! i need to improve.. kill two birds with a stone (cheewaaahhhh, idiom seh!)



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