Friday, April 22, 2011

"4 years" - it is almost end!

hi to all include "the fake readers!"

didn't get me?? 

i thought it is just the beginning of my life
hahaha. but it almost there!
.i almost done with my ""bachelor"".

yeah.. during this 4 years, i feel sucks, feel tired, always questioned "when will i graduate?", and sometimes feel like i'm going crazy with all these part of my life taking chemical engineering as my major. argghhh..
regret??? yeah. sometime... hahahaha 

it is super awesome!!!

in 2 weeks, i'll be free. hahaha. yeah. its over.
ok. ok .ok. ok. stop...!!!
remember Amirah! 
it is not over yet.
u already decided to continue your study to the higher level... remember..

OMG... grrr... my suffer will begin again.
hahaha... whatever it is. just say bye2 to the "4 years" and say hye2 "2 years".

"it this 4 years, i learned lot of things. it is precious time for me, him and friends! all of u are awesome!. for all the misunderstood, anything wrong, please forgive me. for the happiness and sadness that we shared together, i'll keep it in my heart. for my love one, i appreciate that u still stay with me. <3. 4 years without regret. thanks to all.!"  

for my love, i'm waiting u.. hehehee....

p/s : i'm not so good in english, just trying to put an effort.



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